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 Argun Okumuşoğlu, Owner of 44A Art Gallery

         The Painting "Mona 1.618" done in more then original genre Neo Intelligent Art, shows us the possibly near future of the Art and the world in General, when computers and robots will dominate over humanity.

        "Mona 1.618" is a projection view of the computer on legendary Leonardo DA Vinci's "Mona Lisa" painted in oil on canvas. Devine beauty, written native code- it definitely attracts the viewer, makes you wonder, sharpens the senses..."

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"Mona Lisa 1. 618"
Picture as the warning.

An essay inspired by picture of NEObell, by writer
and doctor of philosophy
Sergei Kluchnicov.


         The Black Square, or the square of canvas, dressed in a simple frame, speaking more precisely.
But it is not the Malevich’s Black Square, since it is covered with thick ligature of letters and numbers. A painting-cryptogram, which is needed to be revealed. Art historians and critics would try to appraise this unusual painting as an object of the art which uses letters.

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