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We are glad to inform you that our painting "Mona 1.618" is exhibited now in the center of Ansterdam in Ripley`s Amsterdam museum.

Announce of the manga "Mona 1,618"

     The Protagonist of the Yukka is on the verge of despair. He and his young sister are terminally ill. By chance, he heard that the Painting Mona Lisa has magical healing properties and he decides to check in that no matter these rumors. After all this is his last chance to save his beloved sister. He sneaks into the Louvre. But in the Museum happened incredible things! The Painting shattered into the mysterious codes and symbols and teleported Jukka and  occasional art-critic young girl with name Di in a parallel world. It turns out that on the other side of reality Characters have long been waiting for a  guy who knows more about the Painting then any researcher.
Why he calls himself Leo and how it connected with the great Leonardo DA Vinci, the author of the Mona Lisa?
Will Yukka be able to to find a cure for himself and sister in this high tech world?
And why the legendary Painting looks here like a strange set of symbols and codes?

"Mona 1,618",by NEObell ®
All rights reserved